Bump Watch : 39 Weeks

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Little bub is now 39 weeks and we are just awaiting her sweet arrival... ever so patiently (NOT!). I honestly can't wait and wish she would come early. But alas, my children like the comforts of my womb and tend to overstay their welcome, so I'm preparing to wait for the full 40+ weeks.

She should be roughly the weight of a mini watermelon this week, around 7+ lbs . We got to see her last week with an ultrasound. I guess my tummy hadn't grown since 35 weeks so just on the precautionary side my midwife wanted to make sure all was good in there and that she was still growing. Turns out all is a-ok she is growing at normal rates, she is just really good at hiding!

In other news we think we have come up with a name (finally!), it may get tweeked a little bit, but what we got I think we're pretty solid on. I'm not going to lie, I honestly thought this kid was going to be unnamed for the first month of her life... but no worries, we got it! I also registered at the hospital and packed for our hopefully short stay there.... so all is prepared... just waiting... waiting...waiting...

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