What's In My Hospital Bag

Monday, July 20, 2015

It took me a long time to finally get around to packing some of the basic essentials needed for our hopefully short hospital stay when little bubs comes. Since we've done this two times before I really tried to keep things minimal. One, I know the hospital will provide a lot when it comes basic care items like diapers, wipes, pads, and food; and two, we live about 10 minutes from the hospital, sooo... its not the end of the world if for whatever reason we have an extended stay, Sevio can easily run home for some extra clothes/snacks/entertainment.

Check out whats in our bag, yes one bag, this bag... (Danica Studios "Margot" Bowling Bag, and I love it!) along with Rylee's gift to the new babe, "Cookie" the monster (locally made at the Monster Lab).

Mommy's Hospital Essentials

I was thinking comfort and practicality when I packed these items. I'm planning a water birth so having a darker nursing tank will be nice for modesty (of what I will be left with) and less risk of getting stained. I also packed some basic toiletries (completely obvious items like toothpaste and toothbrush are not pictured), this way I can get cleaned up before heading home in my comfy lounge wear... and let's face it, stretchy pants are a girls best friend at times like this. 

1. Face Wash | Oz Naturals   2. Face Moisturizer | Oz Naturals   3. Nursing Pads | Lansinoh   4. Deoderant | Jason in Calming Lavendar   5. Lip Balm | Salt Spring Soapworks   6. Iphone   7. Camera | Canon Rebel T3   8. Banana Chips   9. Water   10. Nursing Tanks | H&M   11. Lounge Pants | Lululemon   12. Sport Nursing Bra | Motherhood Maternity

Baby's Coming

For little miss I stuck to the bare minimum because like I said before the hospital will provide many of the essentials. So as every hospital requires, a safety approved infant carseat (which obviously does not fit in our bag). For clothes I have one sleeper (the same one Rylee wore!), two onesies, and some mittens. And to wrap her up we have a lovely muslin swaddling blanket.

1. Carseat | Evenflo   2. Sleeper | Zutano   3. Mittens | Carters   4. Swaddling Blanket | Aden & Anais   5. "Best Sister" Onsie | Carters

Daddy's Hospital Essentials

Again stickin' with the basics I packed Sev some lounger pants in case we're there for a bit and a fresh outfit to go home in. I also packed his swim shorts just in case he gets in the tub with me. And simple snacks... what man doesn't need some fuel when putting up with a wife who's giving birth?

1. Jeans | Bullhead   2. Basic Tee | H&M   3. Swim Shorts | Quiksilver   4. Lounge Pants | O'Neill   5. Socks | Puma   6. Underwear | Under Armour   7. Protein Bar | Clif   8. Popcorn 

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