Zachery : 18 Months

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Our Zachery hit a milestone just the other day, he's one and a half! Dang, it's so hard to believe! When I look at him I still see so much baby but reality is... my baby boy is growing up into a full fledged toddler. He's so full of life, runs wherever he goes, climbs whatever he can, and a boy who likes to get dirty every chance he can get. He's awesome!

18 Month Stats:
Weight: 23 lbs.
Height: 31 in.
Teeth: 10.5 (4 on top, 3.5 on bottom, 1 top and two bottom molars)
Diaper Size: 3
Clothing Size: 18m in pants, 24m in shirts
Shoe Size: 4

Bub‐ba [milk]
Baaa [Ball]
Daaa [Dog]
Et‐it [Get it]
Ird [Dirty]
Entle [Gentle]
Ickel [Pickle]

Favourite Things To Eat:
Everything. Kidding, sort of... I call him the bottomless pit, he's happy eating anything! But some of his favorites for sure are: pickles, popcorn, cucumber, blueberries, grapes, kiwi, and yogurt.

Just Discovered:
The latest discovery has been his belly button. You can ask him where it is and he lifts his shirt and jabs himself in the belly repeatedly all while cracking up into the giggles. 

Within the last month he or I guess we discovered he's ready for bigger challenges, like feeding himself. No more help from Mom and Dad, he wants to do it all on his own otherwise he will not eat.

Things he loves :
Our little man loves to go outside, loves it! He brings me his shoes, hat, jacket, all of the above because he knows those things mean going outside. If he hears the door open, he bolts, any chance to escape he tries his darnedest and if he gets caught, get ready for a very sad little boy. 

He absolutely loves dogs! The excitement that comes out of him when he sees one on tv, in person, in a picture, or hears barking... pulls at my heart strings, because honestly, I never want a dog. I can only hope his stuffed puppies (his bedtime companions) will keep him happy.

He likes brooms, I know whats going to be his chore when he gets bigger... mwahaha!

If you watch him play he gravitates to things that have holes or can be put together.

Baseballs, soccer balls, bouncy balls, basketballs... he's going to be into sports I'm sure of it! Lately he's really been into playing catch, although he can't really catch he does have a good arm.

He loves the water! You gotta watch out for him, he's a splasher, and he likes to drink it... which is ok but contained bodies of water like baths and pools gives me the hibbidy gibbidies... those waters are pee infested!

Zachery has always been a ray of sunshine, he is almost always smiling or laughing and it's so contagious. Once he knows he's got your attention he's such a ham, showing off just to make you laugh. While he's a total goofball, he's also a sensitive soul. It's not unusual to see him completely melt when you tell him "No" or "Stop", he'll give you what I call the "sucker face" complete with a full on lip quiver, it makes you want to cry and laugh all at the same time! We are seeing more and more him asserting more of his own independence, whether that be with feeding himself, or standing up to his big sister when she steals his toys, it's cute but its a hard phase of parenting being patient with this transition from baby to little person.

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