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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Adelyne [Ad-ə-lin]  Quinn [Kwin]
A beautiful name for a beautiful girl.

This name did not come easily. I had big fears of having an unnamed child for most of the pregnancy because we literally had no list of names to contend with! It was only a few weeks before her arrival that we sat down and seriously went through lists, and lists, and more lists of names... and in the end none of it helped us one bit!

Lots of people ask us how we came upon Adelyne, and to be honest we completely made it up. For us, it originated from Adley, a name I've been fond of for some time (we plan to use it as her nickname). One day when I was trying to win Sevio over with it he pronounced it differently and told me he liked it better his way... "Add-Ah-Lee", rather than my way, "Add-lee". So a few days later I was trying to compromise by giving his way a chance when I thought of adding "lyne" to it. I know this is a common ending to a name but it has a little more meaning behind it,  I was trying to incorporate a bit of me into it, using the ending of my full name, Kathlyne.

Her middle name, Quinn, was the easiest. It has been a top name in my books for awhile, I originally wanted it as a first name. But.... I couldn't win Sevio over with it, and honestly it was so hard to get a middle name to flow well with it, therefore it became the middle name.

Now that we had some names that we felt jived well together we had to put them through the fire. By fire I mean make sure the true meaning behind the names really jived with us and what we wanted our daughter to have tied to her for the rest of her life
So with Adelyne we went with the original Hebrew derivative of Adley, which is Adlai, meaning:  "Justice of God". Her middle name, Quinn, comes from a Gaelic background and means "Counsel". So our little Adelyne Quinn means "Just Counsel", it's strong, it's noble and I think it fits her just right!

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