Review : Sunbaby Cloth Diapers

Saturday, October 17, 2015

As many of you know right from the get go we decided to cloth diaper, with all three of our kids. Apart from our time in Thailand our kiddos butts have been cushioned by the likes of Bummi's, FuzziBunz, Sloomb, and now Sunbaby

I first came upon Sunbaby when a good friend of mine passed two on to Zach for his 1st birthday. It was love at first sight, honestly! The designs were so great, and the inner lining and inserts were so cushy! I was just like little Agnes from Despicable Me with her unicorn... "It's so fluffy!!!"

So before Adelyne was born I talked Sevio into restocking some our tired stash. With cloth diapering  you'll find that in the long run its very cost effective, especially when your using them for multiple kids. But when it comes to replacing or starting from scratch you'd be amazed at what your total can end up being with some diaper brands. I mean $24 for one diaper... yikes! So when I learned that Sunbaby diapers are crazy affordable, and even more so if you buy in bulk, I was jumping in my boots!

With much excitement I went online and picked out twelve designs and paid a mere $66 US with free shipping! (at the time our Canadian dollar was doing a little bit better... thank goodness)

When our fluff mail arrived I was just so stoked to see all the cute patterns I picked out and to feel more of their beautiful fluffiness. Seriously, I imagine its like sitting in a cloud!

As time as shown with Zach wearing the two we were given and now Adelyne with these new ones I'm still super happy. Sometimes you have to spend more to get quality but not in this case, these baby's clean up great and hold their fluffiness! I've been so pleased and I think they've been one great investment for our kids butts!

| In no way is this post sponsored, all opinions are my own |

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