Adelyne : Six + Seven Month Update

Saturday, March 12, 2016

It is almost a daily  occurrence where I am looking at Adelyne amazed and being hit with pangs of sadness because my baby girl is growing so fast! I haven't the foggiest how she went from a squishy immobile newborn to this miniature person who holds her own ...honestly... how?! 

She is now seven months old, half way to eight! Over the past two months she has changed enormously! 

At her six month check up she weighed in at 6.76kg (14.9 lbs) and was measuring 63.5cm (25 in.). She's slowed down a little bit in her growth, but nothing alarming since the two before her are petite themselves. It was one week before her half birthday that she officially started crawling, she was rolling places weeks before, but this is when she finally figured out how to move her legs and hands consecutively to propel herself forward. And by propel I mean it, this girl goes places, she's fast and sneaky! She also started solids around five and half months which she has taken to quite fondly, but thats another post!

Lately she's following in her brothers footsteps and discovered that the floor holds endless possibility of appetizers... we are constantly pulling bits of who knows what outta her mouth! I'll note right now that I vacuum daily... if not twice daily... and she STILL manages to find things! I like to call her hurricane Adie because she's also learned how to pull herself up on things and likes to clear all items from their rightful places, the living room is in a constant state of disaster. fun times. fun times. As for things she struggles with, the big one is sleep, and is as stubborn as mule when it comes to sleeping in her crib, she also has mommy separation issues... its hard some days, I'm a person who desperately needs my own space, too much clinginess throws me over the edge! But on a bright note she continues to love music and will perk right up with bright eyes and smiles when you sing to her... a current fave is "Itsy Bitsy Spider".

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