Mother Of Three

Monday, March 14, 2016

Rewind back to when I was pregnant with Adelyne, I wondered how different life would be with three kids rather than two. If you asked me then I would have said, "we've done it all before, times two, how hard can it be?"... oh how naive I was.

Life with three kids is hard. Really hard! 

But let me be honest for a moment...

Life with two kids was hard. Really hard!


Life with one kid was hard. REALLY hard!

Truth of the matter is no matter how many kids you have, or if you even have kids, life is hard! Lately I've struggled with the daily reminder everywhere I go that I'm a "busy momma", or that I've "got my hands full", or straight up that I'm that "crazy mom of three". UGH! I know these are just normal responses when you see a women with three small children. I am busy, and my hands are LITERALLY full, thanks captain obvious, its no lie! And I know to some this concept of having kids 2 years apart is the definition of crazy... but you know what... its not my definition. 

I don't struggle with the truth of any of these comments, what I struggle with is the negative connotation that surrounds them. Like, surely I made a mistake having them so close together. Nope sorry. We "planned" this. None of our kids were an accident. It may not be right for you, but it was for us. Given, some days I lose my mind. Some days I'm just surviving, well lots of days, but other days we thrive! But honestly do you know how nice it would be if daily I heard someone say "good for you momma", "Look at you go! Good job" or OH MY GOODNESS... "can I help you open that door?". 

I think what I'm just trying to vent here is that would just be nice concept for moms ... and dads (no matter the amount of kids) to be valued and encouraged more! I mean there is totally something to be said about that african proverb, "It takes a village to raise a child", we parents need you bystanding people!

We are raising the generations to come, say hello to responsibility, and recognize THAT'S HARD! We are doing our best, AND YES our best is even in that very public moment you witness us carrying one whining kid on our hip while dragging a screaming two year old off the floor! And yes sometimes we give in to these outbursts... but you know what maybe its all we can do to survive this day... you just had to witness our moment of weakness... but please oh please spare me your judgement. These tiny humans are balls of emotion that can spontaneously combust at any moment, stop rolling your eyes... please oh please bear with us, heck laugh with us, offer to help us, because holy crap batman this parenting business is hard!  

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