Adelyne: 8 + 9 + 10 Month Update

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Ok I've been really bad with keeping up with Adelyne. I've made mental notes of her development but before I forget I need to get this down!

8 Months: She celebrated her very first easter, not that she really took part haha but she wore her bunny hat like a champ! This month we also battled some sleep training with her, it was awful, this girl is stubborn! But after a few weeks of fighting through the endless crying fits we finally got her routined to three daily naps, an earlier bedtime, going down on her own, and sleeping longer periods throughout the night.

Nine Months: She had a check up with the doctor and weighed in at 16 lbs 12 oz.! That was exciting, I was being really intentional about feeding her lots of healthy full fats (avocados, greek yogurt, peanut butter, etc...), and it paid off. She had slowed down in her growth at her 6 month appointment and I really wanted to get her back on her normal growth curve.  It was also at this appointment we learned that her (and Zachery) have a something called a flow murmur... apparently not a huge concern, but something to watch as she gets older, we are still awaiting a referral to a pediatrician to follow up with it. As for development, it was on her 9 month birthday that she took her very first steps, it was totally out of the blue, and totally awesome! Another little milestone to note is she moved overseas (mainland to island life)... she left the first home she's ever known and is now a small town island girl!

10 Months: Over the course of a month we've watched Adelyne abandon walking for a few weeks and then BAM all of a sudden we have ourselves a wobbly little toddler! She's the cutest little thing chasing after her brother and sister. We've also noticed her little personality developing, she's beginning to assert herself and stand up for herself when her brother or sister mess with her. She's learned to clap, and wave (but usually too late for the moment haha), she grooves her little head around listening to music (hilarious!), she's got an apparent love for animals, and I also swear I've heard her say "bana" when I was giving her a banana. And speaking of food, this girl is a bottomless pit! She eats anything and ALOT of it! Her current favourites are crackers and watermelon. Oh, and we took her on her first vacation, a mini road trip to Penticton!

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