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Sunday, June 12, 2016

When you have a mother who has given her all just to give you the world, then you best believe we're going to celebrate her!

This is a woman who worked three jobs just to provide us kids with all our needs (and wants), and yet still found the time to cook us dinner, teach us manners and respect, be helpful and generous to others, the importance of working hard, to believe in ourselves and never be afraid of trying something new. She even still found time to be at almost all my games, drive me to all my off island soccer practices, and coach many of my and my siblings various sport endeavours! She's amazing! Shes put up with a lot from me and my brothers and sister, we sure as heck didn't make it easy for her! But we all made it out alive, with a few quirks of course, but with good heads on our shoulders and a drive to make something of ourselves one way or another. And now as a mother myself she's instilled in me the importance of supporting and believing in your kids in whatever path they choose...even having an open door for her grown adult children to come back and fill up her empty nest! Long story short, I have a great mom that needs to be celebrated!

So, yesterday we pulled together and threw her a surprise party to commemorate her 55th birthday, and mission complete, because surprised she was! It was also a bit more of a special occasion too, because it marked the two year anniversary of the passing of my Dad, so it was good to have the time together  with all the immediate family and some of her closest friends to just relax, enjoy each others company, and of course eating A LOT of great food! Times like this always make me remember how important and awesome "family" is, we are all so different, yet somehow we are one, its beautiful! Thanks for making us one big beautiful family Mom, we are all together as one today because of all love and hard work you and Dad poured into us growing up.

"Families are like branches on a tree, 
we grow in different directions, 
yet our roots remain as one."

Here we are, all of mom's glory, multi generations to be proud of.

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