Recipe : Energy Boost Juice

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Over the last couple weeks I've been making a mid morning juice/smoothie snack for myself and the kids. Works well for me cause I'm typically one to skip breakfast so getting a nutrient packed snack helps keep the morning going. Second bonus I can "hide" a whole lot of healthy things into them and make them taste good to a very picky four year old. And third, its so quick and easy I actually let the kids in the kitchen to help, they love it, and subconsciously I'm hoping that them seeing these "weird", "gross" things going in and coming out magically yummy, that they'll be more adventurous to try them in regular meals.

On the menu today was a energy booster juice, that has earthly tones with an after zing taste of ginger.

1 Medium Beet
1 Granny Smith Apple
1 Stalk of Kale
1" Ginger
1/2 Cucumber
1 Tsp Chia Seeds
5+ Mint Leaves
1 Cup water

Core and chop apple, peel and chop beet (you could leave skin on for added nutrients, I didn't cause I was afraid it would be too "earthly" tasting for the kids), chop cucumber into chunks, peel leaves off stalk of the kale, grate ginger.

Throw everything into the blender, mix to your desired consistency, and away you go!

*With our pickiest I added a few spoonfuls of vanilla yogurt to sweeten it up because she said she "didn't love it", but Zach our two year old downed it no problems.

**We use a Nutribullet to blend things up, and I must say this is a great first pocket friendly blender/juicer! I think I may actually like it more then a juicer because its way easier to clean up!

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