Adelyne : Twelve Month Update

Monday, August 22, 2016

We just had Adelyne's 12 month check up and she's 19.2 lbs, and about 27 inches tall! Over the last few weeks I keep looking at her in amazement, shes just getting so big! Rightfully so, this girl has earned the nicknames of "Hoover" and "Garburator" in our house. Such a breath of fresh air having a child who is happy to eat whenever and whatever is set before her... it is beautiful... so very beautiful!

She's in 12m clothes, size 2/3 shoes, she's got no teeth, and not so much hair but what she does have is wild and mad scientist like. She loves bath time, meal time, and playing in the kids Hape play kitchen, and her current toy of choice is the Melissa & Doug Pound a Peg. As for development she's started climbing, she's incredibly strong; she's saying "mama" more frequently now and "more" but its more like "moe moe"; and she follows basic instructions like "shut the door" and "sit on your bum". She still sleeps horribly, we get to wake up typically 3 times a night... it's awesome. She may not speak yet but she can be very clear communicating what she wants/doesn't want, she's very strong willed, she's playful, and for the most part very happy and content, and yes she is still a momma's girl through and through (its exhausting, but lovely all at the same time).

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