Happy Birthday Husband

Monday, August 8, 2016

The husband just turned 29 this weekend! We kept his day pretty low key, a part of me feels a little bit guilty that I couldn't make this birthday that marks the last year of his "roaring 20's" a little more special... I tried, I truly did, but the combo of a summer birthday and three kids did not work in my favor. Next year will be better my love, next year I promise!

We did escape to Victoria, BC to wander along the waterfront in the James Bay area. It was incredibly windy which cut our time at the beach short, it was cold! But it was fun watching the waves crashing, kites buzzing around, and birds struggling to fly (honestly the funniest thing ever). Along the way we strolled by a huge cruise ship sitting in the port, I felt like an ant standing beside that monstrosity! Next up we visited a family favorite, fisherman's wharf, where an eclectic village of houseboats unite into a little bustling foodie community with live entertainment... the feeding of the seals (and attack of the birds). Here we calmed hangry toddlers and adults with what else, ice cream! For added smiles we let the kids play in the park above the wharf before beginning our journey back to our car.

Concluding the day we finished up with a horrible car ride searching for the perfect restaurant for dinner, Adelyne decided it was a great time to lose her mind... no big deal. It was long day of walking, and windblown faces but I think for the most part enjoyable and fun to be all together for some much needed family time.

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