Kindergarten Essentials

Saturday, September 10, 2016

We have our first week of school behind us... that makes us experts now right!? Hah. Ok, ok we have a lot to learn I know but I can honestly already say that keeping "back to school shopping" to a minimum is a fantastic idea.  We spent a whopping $30 (and yes that includes those necessary school supplies) ... how you might ask? USE WHAT YOU HAVE!

Just cause its trendy to go "back to school shopping" doesn't mean you actually have to. Kids this age don't care and they actually don't need that much. I've made it easy for you future first time kindie parents and compiled all the things my daughter took on her first day of school (apart from the obvious school supplies).  She looked pretty dang cute, check out her first day pics here.

Kindie Essentials

I will say, my daughter did get a new OshKosh jacket (thanks great grandma!), and a new Thermos FUNtainer water bottle a surprise gift from a good friend (thanks C.). Apart from those items, we're reusing her daycare/preschool Skip Hop lunch box and matching backpack, which I found at a kids second hand store (Once Upon A Child...find one of these stores  near you, they are AMAZING!), and her Gap gumboots are a last years birthday present strategically planned to fit for this year.  The only thing I bought new was the pack of Mabel's Labels, which can be an optional item, but if you don't want to destroy your containers/bags/clothes with sharpies then these baby's are a great buy!

So there you have it, six items, nothing more (at least for now) that your kid will need and most of which you probably already have! So... moral of the story: keep it simple, don't stress out, use what you have, and what you don't have... look for it second hand!

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