Thanksgiving 2016

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Every holiday around here consists of a whole lot of family time, its great even when sometimes its too much haha. But it's only a few times in the year that we all get to be together, for that, its worth the noise, over stimulation, and bloated turkey bellies. 

We had the pleasure of hosting some cousins and Sevio's mom for the majority of the weekend. We did brunch, bitter anger filled games of Risk (is there any other way), hilarious rounds of mafia, the pumpkin patch, and lastly $1 ice creams... aka goodbye summer.

Apart from the delicious dinners, my favourite was hitting up our local pumpkin patch. This fun experience is a fall highlight for us and the kids, and beats store bought pumpkins any day! Rylee was on a mission to find one she could carry herself... until she learned the little ones aren't so great for carving... Then we were off to find the biggest, roundest one. Adelyne and Zach had a blast traipsing through the jungle of vines picking up whatever pumpkin they could get their hands on.

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