Rylee Turns Five : A Royal Tea Party

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Our oldest daughter, Rylee, has hit a huge milestone! She's FIVE years old! That's a whole hand of fingers! She's our sweet girl with a vivacious spirit. She challenges me everyday, and that's a good thing! Her strong will teaches me (well inspires...) me to be more patient, and less controlling; her fearlessness teaches me to worry less and let her be, because when I do she never ceases to amaze me; her laughter and goofiness reminds me stop and enjoy these moments, she's a kid, and its ok to just be silly once in a while. She really is a remarkable kid, so full of life and joy. Everyday she inspires me to be a better mom, to love all that she has to offer, and to raise her well to make a beautiful difference in the crazy world.

She being the kind of girl who knows exactly what she wants, decided almost a year ago what her five year old party was going to be! So to celebrate this milestone we threw none other than a tea party for her and her closest friends. It was lovely and actually quite simple to pull off what looks like time intensive details... most of my time went into finding affordable teacups and baking the goodie bag cookies.

Unfortunately I didn't capture of the birthday girl individually, she was dressed up to the nines in a Belle-like princess dress *sidenote: she came minutes before her party from soccer, kicked off her muddy gear and jumped into this dress... I love that she's a tomboy and princess all in one! She had nine friends attend her special event, all of which were amazingly well behaved, and had lots of fun.

We served Shirley temples to kick things off. Candy bracelets doubled as serviette holders. PB&J Sandwiches, ham and cheese croissants, cream puffs, muffins, cookies and fruit were on the menu for their high tea. Each had the choice of hot chocolate or cinnamon apple tea to choose from.

For activities they colored Chip & Mrs. Potts (free printable found HERE). They made their own candy necklaces, which I just cut cord long enough to fit over their head easily with a knot at the end, then got all kinds of candy with holes in it (ring pops, lifesavers, sour keys, etc...), this activity was a hit...maybe not for the parents, but the kids loved doing it! Next up they got to decorate their own cupcake, I set up a few paint trays with a variety of toppings and let their inner cake decorator come out.

To finish up the kids watched excitably as Rylee opened their gifts. And then we got them outside to run off the multitudes of sugar they consumed, and then that was it! We sent them home with homemade "tea bag" shortbread cookies, which Rylee had helped make (recipe and idea found HERE).

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