Unicorn For A Day

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Rylee had her first spirit week at school and day one was "Crazy Hair Day". We were a little last minute in the planning but after a quick pinterest search she decided becoming a unicorn would be pretty awesome. So some pre-bedtime prep took place... thank goodness for youtube tutorials (watch HERE if your dying to be a unicorn too) laying it out easy for us!

All fingers were crossed what had been done the night before would still be intact in the morning... apart from some flyaways we got lucky! It was a mad dash trying to get this hairdo done between all the normal getting ready for school routine. Somehow we did it. The horn got set in place, hair chalk applied (had we planned earlier I think I would have grabbed some colored hairspray, hair chalk is too sticky and not very vibrant), and a wack load of hairspray to hold it all in place.

Rylee was STOKED! She couldn't stop staring at herself in the mirror, flippin' her hair, giggling... who knew becoming a unicorn could bring such happiness!

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