DIY: Recycled Valentines Crayons

Sunday, January 29, 2017

If you are like us, storing the mother load of old broken crayons, hoping one day the kids will give them another chance knowing full well it will never happen... then worry not, and waste not my friends this little diy is for you! Give those useless, unwanted crayons a new life by breaking them down, melting them, and creating brand new fun shaped crayons. Your kids will love them, and it makes for a great gift!

This craft is easy enough for your kids to help out, has minimal mess, and basically free! 

What you will need:
Baking sheet
Silicone ice cube trays (IKEA has cute ones for $1! And fyi you will never get the wax out of them, go cheap on this one.)

Step 1: Remove the wrappers off the crayons. This I discovered is a great way to distract your kids all afternoon, with their hands at work and their excitement level to make something, they are more than eager to stick to this project (disclaimer: not all kids will behave accordingly, haha). 

**Optional** Step 2: Sort crayons into like colors. This is only if you are planning on making solid or ombre like color schemes. Otherwise if your don't care what colors your new crayons turn out then do not worry about this step.

Step 3: Break up your crayons into 1/2" or less pieces, the smaller the pieces means they melt quicker and less chance of colors bleeding together while baking.

Step 4: Preheat your oven to 200 degrees. While your waiting, sort your colors into your molds, fill them till their slightly overfull.

Step 5: Stick your molds on a baking tray (you do not want this spilling in your oven... it will be your worst nightmare), and if your concerned at all for your baking sheet you can put wax/parchment paper down to protect it. Leave to bake for 10 to 15 minutes or till crayons are completely melted.

Step 6:
Remove from oven (carefully!) and let cool in tray till hardened. 

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