Zachery Turns Three

Friday, February 3, 2017

We just celebrated Zachery's third birthday, well sort of, time really escapes me as it's already been two weeks! Recently I've been watching a lot of our old home videos from our time in Thailand and it almost feels like another life reminiscing that's where Zachery was born and spent the first four months of his life.

The beginning of his life was very much an adventure (He's already been to five different countries!), fast forward three years, we haven't traveled to anywhere cool and exotic, but his personality shines through and through as a little explorer.  He loves to be outside wandering around collecting things; he loves to climb things; jump off things; pretend we're on a roller coaster when we're driving (I'm not saying I drive fast, but where we live there are a lot of windy curvy roads!); he's fearless, carefree, and beats to his own drum.

The other thing that stands out the most and is my most favourite thing about him is that he's our little joy giver. His smile is goofy, his laugh is contagious, and he's a complete ham in a crowd of people. I can't tell you how many times a week people notice how happy he is and the twinkle in his eye.  Its always encouraging amidst these hard toddler stages, it reminds me to stop and just enjoy him and all his awesomeness. I mean it's a truly wonderful thing to watch such a tiny person (my tiny person!) lift the mood of an entire room of people.
Here's a few pics from his paw patrol party  

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