Last Day of Kindergarten : Rylee

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Today was the last day of school! Are you excited? Or does the thought of two months home with all your kids get you totally overwhelmed?

Our oldest, Rylee, graduated from kindergarten today and I for one, am totally ecstatic! No more forced schedules, no more early wake ups (for Rylee at least), and no more fighting to get out the door! And we get to see Rylee all day, everyday. That alone is the icing on the cake, I love having her home. She may be one more kid to care for, but she's a helpful kid, and she's at an age where I can actually hang out with her and do crafts or other fun things.

To celebrate her last day we took her to her favourite restaurant, Chinese food, where she got to pick whatever she wanted (iced tea and a whole plate of sweet and sour balls to herself). I know it may "just" be kindergarten but I'm still so proud of her! Over the year she's learned to count from 1-100 and to count in multiples of 10 up to 100, she's started reading basic words, she's taught herself how to skip, she can do some basic addition, and her artwork has improved significantly!

Just for fun, below you'll see her first day of kindergarten. Putting these two pictures together I can actually see she's grown (hard to believe, this girl grows at a snails pace!), and her face has definitely matured, she just looks so much more confident! This girl blows me away, she's such a spitfire, with so much personality and independence all rolled into one. I hope everyday we as parents can do right by her and set her on paths that help her grow, she's got so much potential and so much good in her that I just can't wait to see where she soars.

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