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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Ergobaby Omni 360: When You Need Every Option

| Ergobaby provided the Omni 360 for the purpose of this review. |
| Within this post are affiliate links. Like always all words and opinions are 100% my own. |

Today I have the honour of sharing one of my favourite baby gear products with you! Let me introduce to you... Ergobaby! They are the makers of some really comfortable ergonomic baby carriers.

Flash back to my first pregnancy, I got wind of Ergobaby from a friend of mine and was gifted the Organic Original Carrier at my baby shower. I was immediately won over by a couple things: its ergonomic design that supports your baby hips properly; its UV protected sunhood; and that it was made from super soft organic cotton. I was a new mom with a babe that wouldn't play contently on her own, or stay sleeping for long periods of time, and because of that my sanity stretched very, very thin, very, very quickly! I needed to be able to go about my day like any other person, and this carrier was my saving grace! Ry would fall asleep within minutes and stay sleeping in it for way longer than if I were to put her down. It enabled me to complete simple chores and rest my aching arms.

Apart from the normal day to day use this carrier came with us everywhere... to the US, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Laos, South Korea... everywhere! I'm actually amazed that it survived all that we put it through, but it did! The only wear it showed was that it faded, and hello... I think that can be expected when you expose it to 9 months of daily scorching hot Thailand sunshine.

When we returned to Canada I sold our original because we scored big time getting a second hand (but still new in box) Ergo Sport along with the new infant insert (it's a way better design, good job Ergo!). I love this carrier, its black and sleek, its more lightweight and breathable than the original, and it has a more fitted design around the tummy/hip area, which for my body type I just felt way more comfortable in it. The only thing I feel it lacked in comparison to the original was the comfy padded shoulder straps.

Now we are the proud owners of the Omni 360! Ever since the 360 design came out I have had serious carrier envy! The day it arrived at our door I literally did a happy dance, Adelyne too, I think we were both equally excited! I'm also not going to lie, I kind of had some baby fever when we got it (I said kind of... no more babies, its not happening!). I just have loved these carriers so much raising our kids and would love to use this one to its fullest potential with a snuggly little newborn (someone lend me your baby! haha), and the added bonus is this design doesn't even need an infant insert, I love that!

Back to when it first arrived, Adelyne and I literally tried each and every position right away! It's just so versatile for the early stages of life, newborn right to toddlerhood! I have always loved the front carry - facing parent position, its always a winner when you want to connect with your babe with some warm snuggles or get a nap in on the go. The hip carry is great for giving your bub a little more visual to the outside world, and the position to get a breastfeed happening. The back carry, my personal fave, gives you more mobility and full use of your arms, and it allows your babe to see but still be able to snuggle if needed. And all new to us is the front carry - facing out position, this is Adelyne's favourite, she calls it her "seat", she gets to see everything around her and she just can't stop smiling when in this position!

The Omni brought back for me the comfy shoulder straps, it still sports the UV protect privacy hood, it has extra head support for babe if needed, it still has that fitted feel with added lumbar support, and they redesigned the handy zipper pocket all ergo's have, by moving it and making it detachable (hello modernized fanny pack!). I love their trendy design and basic colour options, they're all neutral enough to be like an added accessory to your outfit of the day. And the versatility... this carrier is seriously the bee's knees of all carriers, with the multitude of positions and the crossable shoulder straps it can fit all kinds of body types, men included (Ain't nothing more sexy than a baby wearing dad!), and we all know in the carrier world comfort is so important! With the Omni your bound to find at least one way that is comfortable for both you and your babe!

I honestly can't rave enough about Ergobaby and especially this new design of the Omni 360! The quality of these carriers is outstanding! It is and has been for 6 years an essential item for raising our kids. It lives in the car because I still use it frequently, and Adelyne is over 2 years old now! It's perfect for wandering around markets, malls, and grocery shopping ... you know those places where you don't want little hands touching everything. It's gives us the ability to always be on the go, never mind rushing home to get naps in, nap times happen anywhere, like when we're watching Daddy or Rylee play soccer. It lets us stay active as a family with hikes and the walks to get Rylee from the bus stop. This carrier is a dream, and I'm seriously going to grieve the day Adelyne, our last baby, grows out of it!


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