The Makings Of A Home Sweet Home

Thursday, June 21, 2018

|A product within this post was sent to me for the purpose of an honest review, all opinions are 100% my own.|

In the Fall our family went through a major change, a pleasant and very welcome change as we bought our very first home!

Having our own home has been a dream since our dating/engaged days. Fast forward 9 years and we are finally here, livin' the dream! The house came (and continues) with a lot of time consuming reno's, but it has been fun and exciting to transform and refresh this place into a welcoming, safe, loved home of our own.

Our first plan of attack was to get this place acceptable to bring children into, to make it liveable, and to care for some areas that needed some prompt attention! We made the top floor our priority and spent a good month cleaning, changing out fixtures, repairing walls, painting, and refinishing the upstairs floors.

Our biggest and proudest accomplishment so far has been refinishing the old wood floors, it took a good couple days, a lot of sweat, and maybe some tears... but we did it! It changes the whole feel of the upstairs, going with black was the opposite of what we were originally intending (we were going to go with a bare wood finish) but when we got this crazy idea we just went with it, and I'm so glad we did! I love it, and I love that its still a stain so the wood grain still shows for a natural feel with a modern vibe!

Now that its done we want to take care of them, not to the point we can't live the chaotic busy life we lead, but to protect our hard work to last for years to come. The very first way we did this way spending a little bit more on higher quality stain and sealer. Then the more practical ways are putting those little stick on protectors things for every piece of furniture that could be pushed, pulled or moved about on the floors. And lastly we choose natural products that will still clean effectively but aren't harsh and break down the surface or are harmful to us or our kids, in the general day to day cleaning we do this with the E-Cloth Deep Clean Mop.

It's chemical free which sets my momma heart at ease when the kids want to help, which leads me to say the telescopic handle is the best because it adjusts to be perfect height for me and the littles! It's so easy to maneuver around under couches, beds, ceilings...anywhere, and with the extra material on the sides it can even get the baseboards all in one sweep. Oh and did I mention its washable?! Unlike other products you aren't succumbing to our cultural wasteful lifestyle, this mop head is reusable for up to 300 washes, yaaaaassss!

On a sidetone I will warn you now,  if your thinking of going with a dark finish floor, dust will show like no other! This may not bother you now but it means you have to give it a swipe every couple days to keep the dust at bay and the sun shining in shows every last little speck. This is one thing I wish the mop was better at, and probably why they have the "Floor & Wall Duster" mop head, I'm sure it does exactly what I want and will probably invest in one soon! My other wish has nothing really to do with its function but just aesthetics, I wish it was a darker colour so that in the long run it doesn't perpetually look dirty even after washing. Regardless of those minor issues its still an amazing tool to bring into your cleaning regime, it saves time and money on extra cleaning products, somehow its design in the fibres is proven to kill 99% of all bacterias with just water... yah you heard me, water!

E-Cloth has been my number one go to for changing over to more economical sustainable lifestyle, it baffles me that we can use a product and still have the same cleaning power as common household brands that are so wasteful and harmful to us and our environment, for this reason alone I couldn't be happier with this product and brand ....and with that we want to share with you! Hop on over to our Instagram for a chance to win your very own Deep Clean Mop!! (contest ends July.1st, 2018 @12 p.m. PST)

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