The Beginning of Something Great.

Monday, May 7, 2012

and so it begins...

Yesterday we had our first day real warm day full of sunshine, and let me tell was wonderful! We took Rylee up to my parents house in the afternoon and we set up the tent attachment to her playpen to hide her from the sun and then we all took to the outdoors!

Sevio read, I knitted, Grandpa gardened, Grandma lounged with us, and Rylee scooted herself around playing with miscellaneous toys in her playpen. With the siding rolled up and the top on the playpen Rylee totally looked like a little caged animal, shes never really played in it before so the mesh siding was a bit amusing because she would come up and look at us and then mash her head into it.

Then came the best time of the day...BBQ'in time! First one of the season, with many more to come. My Brother showed up with his son just as the smorgasbord of flavors was being placed on the table. We had steaks, burgers, smokies, and delicious smoked wild salmon, veggies, and yummy watermelon!

It was a great day surrounded by family and sun without a care in the world. I love summer.

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