Stroll Around Town

Monday, May 7, 2012

Today I decided to forget everything that "needs" to get done and just go outside. It was sunny and there was no way I was staying in our cold dark house. I got Rylee in the stroller, grabbed a few diapers, camera, and sunscreen, and closed the door on my sink of dishes, mountain of clothes, and disorderly house and began our trek to town.

This idea of mine is the complete opposite of what the doctor prescribed for me two days ago as I fell victim to the dreaded strep throat. I'm supposed to be in bed not doing anything....honestly, that is not my forte. And Secondly, I'm feeling much better and surely some exercise and Vitamin D would make me feel even better.

So away we went, coming down our road is a killer on the knees and I had never done it with the stroller so the extra pull on my body was not too fun. But once I got to the main road it was smooth sailing, Rylee was totally lounging in her seat making me wish I was her. Our first stop upon our arrival to town was to pick up some fruit for tonight's fruit salad, then we went to Grandma's work for a quick visit. After that we strolled over to the teeny tiny Saltspring Soapworks where I bought some lip balm for myself, a "just because" gift to myself! And then we grabbed a slurpee and began our trek up to up-town. Up until this point Ry was totally cool, but she was getting hungry and cranky so I hoofed it up the hill as fast as I could and we surprised Daddy with our visit and slurpee. Days like this make me never want to go back to full-time work, and hopefully I won't have to and I can spend all the sunny days with my Rylee.

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