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Saturday, May 5, 2012

I'm always so excited to try a new food with Rylee, one because of the face when she first makes contact with the foreign taste bombarding her mouth, second because I simply want her to love food as much as I do!

This week Rylee got to cross off two new foods from her never tried list, pears and squash! 

The first one, pears, went over great! It's sweet and yummy, so of course she loved it. And when she loves something, she devours it! Feeding time is over in about 2 minutes and I'm left empty handed and she's trying to suck every last remnant off of the spoon.

Now, the second one, squash, wasn't as satisfying for lil' miss Rylee. The whole experience reminded me of the dreaded peas.  After making up a whole squash and freezing 16 servings we found out squash is not a winner. From first taste I knew we were going downhill, she gave me a look like, "Please mommy, nooooo!" but alas I am the Mother and its my job to feed my child her vegetables whether she likes it or not. So I had wait till she was distracted and babbling away, catch her with her mouth open and then I would swoop in. Every time some of it went in her mouth, gag reflex, she would crack me up with the faces and the attempts she made to get it out of her mouth. I ended up cutting her serving in half and adding rice cereal to dull the taste a bit, and after about 10 minutes feeding time was finally over. Only 15 more servings to go....

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