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Saturday, June 30, 2012

I have this friend, her name is Jessie. Through her I made a new friend, her name is Zoe. Individually they are super creative, super fun, and super cool! Together they are savvy business partners, and together they are THRIVE Lifestyle!

Jessie represents "Stand-Up Apparel" which is a company built on equality, compassion and a positive outlook. She started with basic hand silk-screened "American Apparel" t-shirts and is now broadening her horizons to designing her own apparel as well as home decor. All the while she aspires to maintain a socially responsible view on apparel production in a world filled with just the opposite.

Zoe represents "Owl and Dot Dot" which is a super adorable line of kids clothing handmade for the modern baby! She designs, prints, and sews eco-friendly clothing for children 0-6 years.

Me and Jessie go way back, and half of my t-shirts and pretty much all of Sevio's t-shirts are her creations. When she told me she was opening a store I was SOOO excited for her and when she told me who she was doing it with I was even more excited because I l-o-v-e, LOVE, Zoe's stuff, every time I go to the market I elbow Sevio when we near her stand and say, "Sevio! It's the owl stand!!" she has onsies adorned with nerdy looking owls and versatile little girl dresses that double as cute shirts as they grow, and if I had a boy I would be all over the bow-tie onsies and bandana bibs. 

These two ladies have worked hard the last couple months and even more the last couple weeks when they took over their store. It need heavy duty reno's and took them a little longer than anticipated, but the wait was so worth it! New to our community is a great new store that stands on values with a commitment to not compromise ethics for fashion or style. Everything they sell in their store has to fall under one or more of these five values: local, hand made, socially responsible, eco friendly, or vegan. It's so great and I stand behind them 100%

Their doors opened officially June.21st and the second we got off work we were headed their way. I loved the atmosphere of walking in, its relaxing and calm, and it's organized and bright. There were so many cute clothes for kids and adults, awesome house-hold knick-knacks, and to Sevio's delight sweet specialty board games! I loved just about everything in there and have already created a wishlist in my head of all the things I want.

That day we did splurge on one item, it took self control to only buy one thing let me tell you! But at least it's something for the whole family (well sort of, Rylee just needs to grow up a bit). We bought the Asia expansion to one of favorite board games "Ticket To Ride." We haven't sat down and played an actual board game since before Rylee was born so it was great that night when she went to bed to sit down and play a game with my husband. P.S.  I won...hee hee!!

Since then I've been back quite a bit, sometimes to buy something and always to visit. Thanks ladies for putting products on your floor that are super neat and more importantly that we can trust!!

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