Exciting Day of Firsts

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Yesterday was a very exciting day!! Three very cool things happened, only one of which I captured unfortunately.

More and more over the last couple days she has been letting go of tables and couches to balancing on her own for a few seconds before crashing to her bum. Yesterday I got to witness a big milestone, her first step! She was holding on to a footstool and I was sitting on the floor and she turned and took one little step, let go, took another step with no support, and one more little step to reach me!! How cool is that!! My little 9 month old (minus 2 days) is ready to take off running on her own, watch out Usain Bolt!

Not too long after that excitement I was holding Rylee giving her snuggles and kisses and asked her for a kiss and she turned open mouthed and sucked on my cheek, it was the cutest slobbery kiss ever! Apart from waving on command this was the first time she's really responded to what I said! Whatta lovely feeling it is to be loved on by the ones you love!

And the moment I captured for the day was when we got to use our new-to-us "phil & teds" stroller to its full capacity for the first time ever! We took Rylee's almost 2 year old cousin, Harley, out for a joy ride. Both buckled in and with snacks in hand we were off, it was so cute and so awesome! This stroller is genius, absolute genius! Obviously when you hit a hill it's heavier with the extra child but it's still manageable and you don't even notice on straight stretches.  I love this stroller, L-O-V-E it!

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