Kamloops Vacation

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Last weekend we were on vacation from Thursday to Monday up in Kamloops, BC. My cousin and his son live up there and during our visit his parents (my aunt and uncle) were visiting. The last time I saw them all I was 8.5 months pregnant so it was exciting to introduce Rylee to them for the first time.

We drove up with my Dad and spent 4 relaxing days catching up with the family. Dad helped with some reno's they were working on, Sevio played endless hours of games with my cousin's son on the ipod, Rylee ravished the pile of newspapers continuously spreading them all over the floor and chased Buttons the little dog around, and me...well I had lots of naps, caught up on lots of lost sleeps!

Saturday Sevio went up with my Dad, Cousin, and Brother for a round of golf at Sunpeaks. Meanwhile I took Rylee and my cousins son to town to do some errands and play at a park. I just stumbled upon this park right down on the Thompson River when I was looking for an old fave ice cream shop (which has be demolished to the ground!). It was a beautiful there was a water park, regular park, lots of green grass for running around and picnics, and walkway and pier along the sandy waters edge...made me want to live in Kamloops just so I could bring Rylee here on a regular basis. While we were at the park a nice couple enlightened me on the new location of the ice cream shop I was looking for so we played for a bit then went for yummy ice cream before heading home.

Sunday was Dad's 72nd birthday so we went up to Sunpeaks again to check out their little farmers market and then we headed down into town where we treated him to lunch. After that we spent at least an hour in Chapters checkin out books, which I happily come out with "Wicked" by Gregory Maguire. Its the life and times of the Wicked Witch of the West from Wizard of Oz (one of my favourite movies ever) and has been turned into a famous Broadway musical which Dad and I saw last year in Vancouver. I honestly didn't even know it was a book until 3 days ago so I'm excited to read it and compare to the play.

Monday we said our see you laters and began our 5 hour drive home which thankfully Rylee slept for half of it!

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