Maan Farm

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Yesterday was the perfect day for a day on a farm. So in the afternoon we went with Rylee's cousin and grandma (my mom) to Maan Farms where there a big playground, petting zoo, corn maze, sunflower rope maze, and a pumpkin patch!

It was all a lot of fun and so cute! I loved watching both of them see the animals (chickens, pigs, goats, llamas, and bunnies), Liam loved the chickens and Rylee loved the goats. We couldn't really do the corn maze or sunflower rope maze because of the kids but there was a field full of awesome kids size John Deere tractors and baby pumpkins they could play in while I looked at the pretty flowers.

After all the fun had been had we picked out some fresh local fruits and veggies from the farm stand and picked a jumbo pumpkin to take home with us.

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