Big White : Day 2

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Day two on Big White we went snowshoeing, first time for all us! We got Rylee bundled and snuggled into the ergo and headed out into the forest. Marlene planned on taking us on a little hike, but we figure we missed a trail or something because we ended up walking about double the distance originally planned. After yesterdays snowboarding and today's hike my muscles were making themselves known... my whole body aches!!

After the hike we went for lunch and filled our ravenous bellies, then browsed through a few shops, and then went home to relax and have a hot tub. After dinner we went back down to the village, Sevio wanted to attempt to climb the ice tower (which unfortunately closed just before we got there), we caught the tail end of a little carnival, and hung out by the bonfire for a few minutes before heading back home to curl up to a movie.

And that concludes our little holiday up to Big White! We had a fabulous fun and relaxing time, the perfect holiday right before settling back into routines and school. Thanks Chris & Marlene for being the best hosts ever, hopefully we can come visit again.

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