Doi Inthanon

Monday, August 12, 2013

Last weekend we got to escape from the city and have a bit of a getaway up in the mountains with the staff from Zion Cafe for some R&R and bonding time.

We traveled about three hours out of Chiang Mai, up to Doi Inthanon, which is the highest mountain in all of Thailand! There was about 12 of us in total plus two dogs. We stayed at a "campground" but instead of tenting we got to stay in a sweet little cabin!
Our first day we traveled a little further into the mountain to visit one of the girls home village. That was a fun experience 4x4'ing through massive potholes and washed away roads! We got to meet her sister and see a more rural area of Thailand. That evening we prepared a feast for champions, hot pot (which is were you cook your own meat and veggies on a special grilling pot), it was amazing and boy was there a lot of food!
The next morning after breakfast we packed up and headed to the highest peak of the mountain, which unfortunately it decided to pour on us and we missed out on what I imagine was a beautiful view. A little further down the mountain we stopped at the Royal Pagodas.

*interesting fact: A pagoda is a many tiered tower, typically a temple or spiritual building.*

These particular pagoda's where built to commemorate the King and Queen of Thailand. At the top of each building is a Buddhist temple.

Even further down the mountain we stopped for some quick photo op's and hot chocolate at a waterfall.
And our last stop was a little market which had a wide assortment of dried fruits, hilltribe attire, fruits & veggies (including the biggest avocados I've ever seen), tiger and elephant teeth, and many other decorative odds and ends.

(Something I learned about this area is that it used to be an area prevalent with opium but with an agricultural project the King developed it helped raise the standard of living among the local hilltribe people in the area mainly by educating them how to grow other things... now its an area prevalant with a wide assortment of yummy fruits and veggies)

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