Scar Face

Friday, August 9, 2013

Rylee got her first owie abroad. I actually think this is one of her worst bails of all time, surprisingly since shes such a little monkey!

Sevio and I were out on our balcony wringing out our laundry to hang up when Ry came out, butt–naked, slipped on the wet tiles and banged her head on the door frame. Not fun to watch, and clearly she wasn't too impressed with the event herself (don't let the pictures fool you)!

It was a clean gash just above her eyebrow but for what it was it didn't bleed too much (although it took a long time to stop bleeding), and of course she didn't want to let either of us near it (picture all her little limbs flailing). I cleaned it up with a handy dandy antiseptic wipe (thanks mom) and had to just let it be till I could get to the store to grab kid sized bandaids (mommy trick 101: tell your child the bandaid is a sticker and they forget all about the owie your trying desperately to get near).

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