Speedy Gonzalas

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

We have been blessed (I think) with the use of a motorbike during our time here in Chiang Mai. The ministry we are working with had this bike insured but unused and gave Sevio the ok to use it...with three conditions: one, that only he rides on it, two, he must wear a helmet (unlike many people here in Thailand), and three, he breaks he fixes it. 

Every time he drives out I feel a little pang of nervousness with him driving on the other side of the road, with new rules (well...more like guidelines), and I've just learned with no lights. But, with all that fear aside it definitely helps in the area of convenience and time saving. Now he can get to and from different ministries in a fraction of the time it would take to walk, and not to mention the perk of being able to go out and get me snacks in my moments of cravings!

So when you think of it pray for his safety on these foreign roads!

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