Second Birthday Party

Monday, November 11, 2013

For Rylee's second birthday party we went out to a nearby MK Restaurant to celebrate. We feasted over chinese style hot pot and devoured a classic DQ ice cream cake (although they had a bit of typo with her name, no big deal) topped with her favourite movie character, "Stich"! Rylee was pretty much jumping in her seat at the sight of that cake, (how kids know things are yummy without ever tasting them is beyond me) and surprisingly she actually blew her candles out (and then made Sevio light them again and again).

After lunch and dessert Rylee was showered with love by all who attended with fabulous gifts and hugs! It was cute to watch her be so excited and everyone around be excited for her too! The restaurant even took a family picture and printed it on the spot for us! 

Thanks everyone who attended, and to everyone who wished her a happy birthday via facebook and skype! She is one loved little girl!

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