Baby's First Year Infographic

Friday, February 21, 2014

I came across this infographic today on "the Bump" blog and thought I'd share it with all you expectant and new mothers out there. Whether your a first time mom or not this graphic is just fun to look at. This list does a great job of letting you know on a general scale as to what to expect in your child's first year. 

Now obviously it's not set in stone because all kids are different and develop at their own pace. Don't fret if your babe doesn't hit the milestones exactly (unless they are really, really behind), they will in good time, I'll have you know my husband didn't sit up on his own until he was 14 months... and he turned out alright :P

As for our little Zach, he's hitting the 2 month mark pretty much spot on. He's been lifting his head up over a week now, and definitely sucks his fists when he's hungry. He's just beginning to follow objects with his eyes, but not quite consistent in this area...soon I'm sure!

I personally can't wait till around the 6-7 month mark when he's more mobile, interacting with cute baby babble, belly laughs, and beginning to have his first tastes of food. Exciting times ahead! How about  you, do you have a favourite stage? 

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