Rylee // At The Park

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Being in Bangkok with small children is not the easiest of things, at least if you don't have a car. Getting around with a stroller in our neighbourhood is ok, but to venture out further we run into a problem... giant overpasses (stairs up, stairs down, and 14 lanes of traffic) and let me just clarify... there is no handicap accessibility up and down those stairs! So needless to say the kids and I stay home much of the week solely because we can't get out without the assistance of Sevio. 

As you can imagine by the time the weekend rolls around I am SO ready to get out of our tiny apartment and so is Rylee (you try entertaining a highly spirited and very energetic two year old in one bedroom 6 days straight)! So for the last little while we've been making it a point to get her out to her favourite park ("ARK" as Rylee calls it), Chatuchak. Theres a big playground, a very large pond with turtles and fish you can feed, a million pigeons to chase, lots of green grass for us to sprawl out on, and then theres the obvious famous Chatuchak Market right across the street.

We'll take her at least one day of the weekend to run off her pent up energy, and I have to say this has become a special day that we can set aside just for her...which I think is important to do now that we've got 2 kidlets. Its been fun to watch her play with a HUGE smile on her face, and I just love seeing her interact with the other kids, it never ceases to amaze me how "playing" is a universal language!

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  1. awe this is so cute. She sure looks happy playing in that playground! Miss you all!
    xo, emily

  2. You should see her chasing the pigeons... I need to post a video of that! and we miss you too Em!

  3. I see a cute lil' monkey hanging on those bars...


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