Boy or Girl?

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

In one weeks time we are going in for yet another ultrasound... and this time we get to find out the gender! Whoop Whoop!

So I though it'd be fun to have a little guessing game, I can't help you in any way because I have no inkling whatsoever as to what this baby is... 

I will give you this though, awhile back I had a dream that with my at home ultrasound machine (if only such a thing existed...) I saw that it was a boy. 

But then I will also tell you, just for kicks my vote is that its a girl! Only time will tell, take your best guess your odds are good, fifty/fifty, and if you win... (drumroll please)... you win... A NEW CAR! no just kidding, all you get is bragging rights and the pure satisfaction of being right! GOOD LUCK!

Will baby #3 be a Girl or Boy?

Stay tuned in two weeks we'll have a grand reveal! (that is if baby indeed shows us the goods...)

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