Bump Watch : 35 Weeks

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Well we are into the home stretch, complete with stretch marks, lucky me! Our little honeydew melon has only has 35 more days, give or take, till she will grace us with her presence! 

She has finally moved into proper position, head down, and thats probably why I have been feeling like my pelvic bones are seperating, we're both getting ready for go time. She should be fully developed in there and from here on out working on packing on the pounds. 

As for us, we're trying to get ready for her arrival. We're still on the hunt for bigger vehicle, I've rearranged our room to fit her bed in, I bought newborn diapers and new cloth diapers, and I've been having some fun decorating her space in the kids room (check it out here).

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