Bump Watch : 37 Weeks

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Our little bump is now considered full term at 37 weeks! She should be about the size of a bunch of swiss chard and roughly just over 6 lbs! 

Its hard to believe we will be meeting her very, very soon! Some days I wish she will come early but then reality sets in that another three or so weeks of waiting isn't so bad. This extra time is definitely necessary, I still need to pack my hospital bag and only just pulled out the newborn clothes from storage yesterday! Yeeesh! I'm so behind the ball when it comes to being prepared so I need all the time she will give us.

We at least can scratch getting a new vehicle off the list! Due to our little Chevy Aveo dying suddenly (timing belt breaking = engine exploding) last week we were propelled into a full speed car search. We are now proud owners of a fully loaded (Yay for A/C!) Mazda MPV! We can now fit all carseats and still have room to spare! This was a big step to upgrade, and a stressful one, but I'm happy the search is over and were able to get everything we were looking for at a very reasonable cost.

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