DIY : Repurposed Bookshelf to Shoe Shelf

Friday, August 28, 2015

My little post pregnancy project is finally complete! What could have taken me a day to complete took me a few weeks... what with three munchkins around this momma doesn't get much alone time. But... regardless of how long it took, I finished it!

Since our family has been growing, so has our shoe collection! It's my fault really, I love shoes... in fact I bought a new pair just yesterday! With five people paired with my shoe fetish you can only imagine the state of our entryway... it was becoming utter chaos. And when there is chaos, I start to lose it a bit. I mean seriously, for one; walking into a mess isn't the most pleasant way to enter your house, two; it's not the only mess in the house, a bunch of these little messes turn into a big mess and you know what happens when I'm faced with a big mess? I get so completely overwhelmed that I q Ana. C c knwooden bookshelf we weren't using into a shoe shelf! Easy Peezy!

Tools needed:
Sandpaper (180 and 240)
Small roller and paint tray
Small paint brush
Semi-gloss interior paint
Sample size paint in color of choice (optional)

First I sanded the whole thing down with (180 grit) and removed the backboard. I painted all the edges with the small paintbrush and rolled on the first coat. In between coats I lightly sanded with the 240 grit. The finished product took a total of 3 coats, a primer may have saved time but I didn't have any and I didn't want to buy any. On the third coat of the backboard I used my color paint for the area of top shelf and white for the rest.

All in all I'm really happy with the outcome! What was a beaten up old bookshelf is now a bright + modern totally practical shoe shelf. This is a much better sight to return home to ... that is when my almost 2 year old hasn't pulled all the shoes off the shelves... 

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