2017 Bucket List

Monday, January 16, 2017

I'm not one for making resolutions... I'm a tad pessimistic I will follow through, and then when I don't I have to deal with the repercussion of the guilt and shame of failing, nope, not into that! However I am one for making goals, there's less obligation and more hopefulness.

Usually at the beginning of the year, or near my birthday, I make a goals bucket list for the year to come. I've been rackin' my brain trying to think of things I want to accomplish this year and it's hard! This season of life we're in (3 small children + a husband officially starting the program to get his CPA designation) really debilitates your thought process for having hopes and dreams... all I can hope for is making it to naptime without losing my cool.

So I decided this year I was going to break it down a little bit differently. I looked at key areas in my life and evaluated where I want to go with them. This compartmentalization really helped my groggy brain function much better.

Rylee: Start a new activity (complete! Gymnastics started last week), learn to ride her bike, teach her to tie her shoes.
Zachery: Work harder with his speech development, lose the soother, lose daytime diapers (so close!).
Adelyne: Begin potty training, move into a big girl bed.

Do something we haven't done before (some ideas... snowboarding, hiking, camping, fishing).
Have one on one dates with mommy and daddy.

Once a month date night.
Take a cooking class together.

Adventure awaits! We have already decided this year we will plan a trip, just have to decide from one of these locations and pinch a whole lot of pennies.

Scotland + England
All Inclusive
Road Trip US/Canada
Road Trip in Canada

Revamp the kids room.
Purge out old clothes.
Put more pictures up.
Purge the junk drawer (s) (none would be ideal, one would be realistic).
Build raised garden beds.

Blog more. (would love to get back up to twice a week posts)
Create more. (finish old projects, magnet alphabet, fabric doll, and learn to crochet amigurumi style)
Read more. (would love to complete 20 books over the year, shoot me any ideas of good reads)
Take more pictures and videos of kids. (picture a month challenge starting soon)
Get some updated family photos done.

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