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Monday, January 23, 2017

|This product was sent to me for the purpose of an honest review, all opinions are 100% my own.|

As the kids have gotten older, I am always trying to find easy and effective ways to get them involved with helping around the house. Rylee in particular, being the oldest, actually has shown interest in wanting to help when I am cleaning up... a kid who wants to help... say whatttt?!

Most recently I've noticed Rylee follows me around like a hawk when I'm cleaning windows, she just wants to help! Its a pretty simple task, but it's a task that I use a chemical window cleaner for, something of which I am not comfortable leaving her on her own using.

That's where E-Cloth and their impeccable timing come into the picture... a company committed to a safer, chemical free way of cleaning (did I say good timing?). They have provided us with one of their Glass + Polishing cloths for review, and surprise... they were kind enough to provide another for one of you lucky readers to win!

The glass and polishing cloth in particular is for cleaning windows and mirrors (duh!), but also, it surprised me that it can be used for stainless steel, chrome, granite and marble! It's a microfiber cloth that all you need is water and badda bing, badda boom your cleaning (yes actually! killing 99% of surface bacteria), and saving money (no more cleaning products), and protecting the environment and your family (from the now nonessential chemical cleaning products)... this is a win, win, win situation if you ask me!

Rylee was over the moon the day her hot pink one arrived in the mail, poor kid had to wait a few days till we finally remembered to pick up a spray bottle for her to put water in.

Once she had her spray bottle in hand she was determined to wash every mirror and window she could reach, it was awesome! That's one less chore I don't have to worry about, and because the cloth is designed to be streak free, I  don't even have to go back and do touch ups over her hard work, I love it!

I love her heart to help, and I love that she has fun doing something that to me is totally and completely mundane. It's truly a beautiful thing when we can teach our kids to be a part of the team called family. Giving them responsibility, teaching them to work hard, and giving them something to be proud of!

Thanks E-Cloth for providing us a cleaning solution that we can be worry free while getting our kids involved in everyday chores.


Enter below for your chance to win yourself your very own Glass + Polishing Cloth!! Terms and conditions apply. This giveaway is open to US + Canadian entrants only. The giveaway will end on the 31st of January 2017. One winner will be chosen at random.

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