A Look Back At 2016

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Goodbye 2016 and a big hello 2017! I for one am really looking forward to what this year has to hold, I have no idea what's in store, but I'm hopeful for some adventure, stronger friendships, and finding that sweet balance of making time for myself amidst all of life's obligations.
2016 was a bumpy year personally and I was "a bit" (understatement of the year) MIA from this Owls + Monsters world. I just couldn't seem to find a balance to keeping time for myself while keeping up with being a mom/wife and regular life. Long story short I exhausted myself, lost myself, and deprived myself of things that fill up my joy tank. But all depressingness aside, there was still a lot of good moments we had and I'm so thankful that I still found time to document some key milestones that made 2016 memorable.

Here's a look back at the top 6 Owl + Monsters moments of 2016...

Zach our little sports lover turned two way back in January. We threw one of my favourite themed parties yet, an Allstar Baseball Party. It was so fun and laid back, I only wish his birthday was in the summer so we could get outside and play ball!

Adelyne turned one this year! For our little summer girl we threw a very food orientated chic bohemian themed party. It was a beautiful day at a local park where the kids could run and play while us adults sat and ate all the yummy delicacies.

Our sweet little Rylee started kindergarten this year! I don't know where the time has gone but I feel like she's growing up faster than my heart can handle.  

What human goes to Vegas for some R+R? Oh that would be me! Kid free, husband free, I got to escape for four days to get some full nights sleep and reinforce my personal bubble. (thanks husband! ps. I'm ready to escape again)

Another milestone for Rylee. She turned the big five and by her request we celebrated with cuppa tea. It was her first non family birthday party! she was so excited to invite her school friends, dress up, and drink tea out of fancy cups, it was quite adorable really. 

Moving Forward

I got to do a lot of self observation, unplanned and sometimes unwillingly. 2016 was a year to face hard facts about myself and attempt to make some changes to better myself. Life lessons are never easy but they are opportunity to overcome pain, fear, and everyday struggles we face... embrace them and move forward with them.

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